Jul 19, 2006

PS Yarn - Purple

I had a little bit of extra time so I collected a bunch of the purple yarn that I could find to display for Project Spectrum. I didn’t put all of it in the basket but this is sort of representative. It’s rather difficult to photograph this stuff and I’m not sure how true to colors are but you get the idea.

Purple Yarn

Starting on the left you can see three skeins of Elsebeth Lavold that I just bought in Asheville. To the right of it (partially obscured by the basket handle) are 2 skeins of Manos De Uroguay. The yarn surrounding this is mostly cotton that I obtained from Elann. Theres a bit of Elann Sonata some Austermann ciao ribbon, Elann Lara and a ball of Reynolds Saucy. In the back right is the flip side of a skein of STR that I showed you in my PS “blue” basket. The color is Lapis and includes blue, green and purple. To the immediate left of the STR are 2 skeins of Manos Stria. In front of that is one of my balls of Elann Highland Wool which sits next to my Elann Esprit, still wrapped in plastic, in the bottom right corner.

I’m sure that there is more purple yarn in the house – like the yarn I’m currently using for Stink’s blanket. There are also countless skeins that have purple mixed with other things – like the yarn for Seraphim. The yarn in the basket just represents the skeins/balls where purple is featured prominently.

Speaking of Seraphim and the Log Cabin – I worked on both of then last night. It was much better when I worked on Seraphim first. I’m about 18 increases (sets of rows) away from starting the charts and it’s getting very tedious. I grow more and more impatient for the “fun part” to start.

I am making real progress on the blanket too. I have now used all nine of the colors at least once and the blanket is roughly 11” by 13”. (One side has 3 strips and the rest only have 2) A commenter yesterday asked about the ultimate shape of this blanket and how I plan to finish it off. Truly I have no idea. I just bought the yarn and dove in. I was more concerned with the color relationships than the shape. I suspect that I’ll finish the blanket off with a crochet edge – only because the thought of picking up stitches around the whole perimeter makes me shudder and quake with fear and dread.

The shape is a vexing question. As it stands right now, this will be a square blanket of indeterminate size. Will that be boring? I don’t think that Stinkerbelle will be terribly picky. As long as it’s soft, correctly colored and big enough to snuggle up with – she’ll be happy. I’m just not sure that a square blanket feels right. Any thoughts?


jen said...

SOOOOOOOO pretty. I'm not part of project spectrum (only just started blogging)but think this is my favourite month. The purple is GORGEOUS!

Lolly said...

So many lovely shades of purple and violet. This month has flown by so fast that I have not had the chance to really enjoy the color! Thanks for showing your purples off!