Jul 28, 2006

Gray haired assassins

I’m feeling so happy today because not only is it Friday but it’s the Friday before vacation. Woo Hoo! I can barely contain myself and get any work at all done today. I’m trying though. Really I am. *wink*

Actually the vacation is just a small part of what’s got me off the walls today. We are going away during most of this vacation and, as I mentioned in Monday’s post, the Drama Queen will be with us. We pick her up in the middle of the vacation week. In preparation for her return I went and got my hair done yesterday. You may not think it matters to a tween but I offer you this conversation which took place immediately prior to her departure:

DQ: Mommy, you need to go see (insert name of fab hairstylist here).
Me: Yes, I know. My hair is way too long. I need to get it cut.
DQ: Yeah, and your gray is showing really bad too.

When I mentioned the exchange to hubbo he agreed with DQ. I was a little distressed. There was a time when I would complain about my gray hair and everyone would look at me funny and tell me it was nonexistent. I miss those days.

Never fear! I’ll have the last laugh this time. I went shopping and found the perfect outfit to wear when I pick DQ up at camp. I can just hear it now – “Mom, you’re so embarrassing!”


Have you seen this yet? It sounds so cool. I just love the kill or be killed aspect of it – and the fact that I’ll get a pair of handmade socks that I didn’t knit.

Somebody tried to talk me out of it but I signed up anyway. The naysayer was worried that I might get assassinated quickly by some knitter with lightning fast needles. I’m thinking that stuff happens and it’s just as likely that the person with my name will be delayed by some unforeseen situation that prevents them from knitting for days or weeks. It could happen! Needles snap. Yarn gets tangled. I’m not wishing anyone ill – I’m just saying that sometimes life throws us a curve… and I hope that this time it curves in my favor.

I’m almost ready to turn the heel on the second squishy purple sock so it’s very likely that I can finish it by tomorrow. I hope to post it tomorrow along with my Saturday Sky.


margene said...

I decided trying to keep up with my gray was too costly and time consuming. Enjoy your vacation!

Melissa said...

I bet you can't wait to pick up the little DQ!!

Krista said...

I've decided I'm taking pride in my grays! Although, I only have a few (dozen) right now. We'll see what happens 5 years from now.

Knitting Granny said...

My hair started going gray when I was about 30, and for years (and YEARS) I just had this weird non-color mungleedun hair. Now I'm pretty much gray all over and I'm just glad to be out of the mungleedun stage. I LOVE the purple socks, and I'm thinking of trying the Turkish cast on method for my next pair of socks. Have a great vacation! In spite of the DQ. (having tweens/teens helps us understand why some mammals eat their young...)