Jul 21, 2006


Earlier this week I said that I’d post log cabin progress at the end of the week – I lied. Well… maybe not exactly lied but I’m not going to show that today anyway. I have a good excuse though. (Don’t I always?) I have another finished object – a pair actually.

I was knitting at a really good pace and feeling very focused on Seraphim and the LC when my Trek sock started calling to me. Considering that I started them back in June – they’ve been quite patient. Anyway, it seemed high time to show them some love.

Secret Hug sock inspiration At left is a sock of the boring variety. It’s notable only because it was the inspiration for the new pair of socks. How so? Because I have a thing about my arches. I like to feel my shoes and socks snugly on them. This boring white sock has ribbing around the middle which totally works for me. It's just not interesting in any way. Isn't it a lucky thing that i know how to make socks now?

Sercret Hug sock - reality Here is a shot of how I translated the ribbing onto the new socks. I just used a twisted rib on the bottom of the socks and – voila – a secret arch hug on an otherwise cool pair of socks. I started the rib just beyond the ball of my foot and stopped a bit before the heel. I'm not stepping on it and I don't really feel the ribs at all. It makes them look a little wonky off the foot because they pull in a little bit around the middle but that's really not a problem. Who cares as long as they feel and look good ON the foot? Right?

See how they hug the contours of my feet – so comfy!
Secret Hug Socks

Is there any question about these twins? They are absolutely fraternal!
Secret Hug Socks

Secret Hug Socks This was my first time using Trekking XXL and the yarn doesn’t offer the same tactile joy as Koigu or Sundara or others but the constant surprises provided by the way the colors change really makes up for it. I was so happy that the same blue naturally occurred on both heels. How cool is that? If I tried to arrange that it would never have worked.

Other firsts involved in these socks would be my first time using the Turkish cast on. I love that! It’s also the first pair of socks that I totally did myself. I just used the lessons from the past few pairs and created my own. I did get the leg pattern from a book but otherwise I just winged it. Woo hoo!


trek said...

Isn't it just the coolest thing to be able to do that?

Elspeth said...

My DH loves similar socks and I was thinking how I needed to do that for him. Yours look great!

Theresa said...

That's what I love about socks -- they are the perfect little canvases to swatch on and try new things.

Lolly said...

Yea for colorway #108! That is the one I am using too! Yours came out so well! I still have a few more inches on sock 1 and the whole of sock 2. I am slow with socks!