Jul 3, 2006

The Reveal

The girls came home on Saturday and, due to what I can only assume was an extreme lack of sleep, they were seriously crabby. Stinkerbelle was really snappish and started fighting with the Drama Queen before we left our parking spot at the bus stop. She was following DQ to her room to continue the battle but stopped and did a double take when she passed her open door. Instead of seeing this…

Room LeftRoom Right

She found this…
new room  leftnew room right

Surprised doesn’t even begin to cover it. She clearly had no idea that such big changes were in the works. She loves the bed, and the colors and everything. She climbed up into the loft and explored the new layout. She spent the rest of the weekend telling people about her new room.

Some of the details that you can’t see in the room shots are the mezuzah that we got for her (left below). I love it. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. For those of you who are not familiar with mezuzahs, it’s a decorative case with a prayer inside that you post on all of the doorways in the house. This one says “Ahava” on it in Hebrew. Ahava means love and it’s also part of Stink’s Hebrew name. The other picture below is of the new mirror which I made for her. It was a plain Ik*a mirror that I dressed up with mosaic tiles.
mezuzahmosaic mirror

While Stink loves the new room she did have a suggestion for improvement. She asked Bruce last night if he painted the ceiling. When he said yes she suggested that clouds would’ve been nice. She also asked if we’d re-do her room every time she went away. As if!

Now that the room renovation is done I’ve returned to knitting and I’m nearly done with the front of the U-neck Top. I worked on it and the two-at-a-time socks exclusively over the weekend. I’ll pick up the Trekking socks again this weekend as I head south to deliver DQ to sleep-way camp in North Carolina. I’m hoping that she’ll be able to wear the U-Neck Top for opening day. Please don’t laugh. It could happen. Really!


Lolly said...

Just amazing! Thank you for sharing the room makeover with us and the details of the special mezuzah - that is just beautiful!

Krista said...

The room looks amazing! I'm in the middle of a re-do for my son's room, but it's been crazy since he's here and we have no place to store his things in the meantime. My daughter would love that loft bed.