Jul 26, 2006


Didja miss me? Please say yes.

I really wanted to post yesterday but I had to go out of town for the day and I couldn’t get to a computer. Really! More on that in a moment… but first I have really happy news to report for those of you who may have been worried about the Drama Queen. It turns out that I will not be required to mete out cruel and unusual punishments after all. On Monday night I went home and found 2 postcards from her - one was for Stink and one was for me. Not only that - but I got reports from a few other people who also received mail from her the same day. Hooray! She can hear me after all! I just knew that the minute I told you all about the mail situation that letters would arrive. It’s like some weird variation on Murphy’s Law.

Union Station As I said, I was on the road yesterday. I manage the library materials for several offices on a remote basis but occasionally I need to go out and handle stuff in person. That’s why I was up at 5 am yesterday. Ewww! That’s really not an hour of the day that I want anything to do with.

30th Street Station I arrived in Philadelphia after a lovely ride on the train. I took the Acela for the first time and I found it really nice. The seats were really comfy and great for knitting.

Philly The really cool thing about my day yesterday was that the work to be done in the office wasn’t as bad as I feared. It’s either that or I’m really efficient. (heeheehee fat chance!) Anyway, I got up there and dove into the projects and by lunch time I was mostly finished which allowed me to take a very leisurely lunch.

I wandered about the city on the wicked heat and humidity. I stopped for lunch at at the
Continental Mid-town where I had a salad with goat cheese. Yum! It’s a very neat place with interesting décor. I really loved the cracked glass globes hanging in the middle of the room over the sunken eating area. Very cool!

Philly After lunch I consulted my handy Shopfinder from Knitters Magazine and started walking. I passed through Rittenhouse Square which was full of people out enjoying the day. It was so pretty and inviting. The socks in my bag were begging me to stop and sit for a while. I could easily have planted myself under a tree and knit but I had a yarn store to explore so I pressed on.

Philly I found Rosie’s Yarn Cellar with no trouble at all. It’s very cute! I wandered about the store for a while and petted the yarn. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ve been on a bit of a quest this year to acquire and try new yarns. It seems a shame to keep working with the same thing over and over when there are so many yarns to try. This store had a few that I hadn’t seen before and many were calling my name. I really wanted to take home some Schaefer Anne or Andrea but I resisted.

Great Adirondack After endless deliberating I settled on 2 purchases but only one is for me. This is my new Great Adirondack Silky Sock yarn. Merino, Silk and Nylon in colors to die for… yum! Hubbo tried to claim it but this is probably mine. It’s only 360 yards and his pontoon feet require more than that. The other purchase is for my Yarn Aboard pal so I can’t show it to you yet.

As usual my travel was marred by issues. I arrived at the station in time to make the 4:09 train but that meant changing my ticket and the ticketing agents were super slow. By the time I got to the window where the agent informed me of the $18 change fee, I had under 3 minutes to get the new ticket and race for the train. Paying the extra and missing the train anyway would’ve ticked me off so I opted not to change the ticket. Bad choice! My train was delayed over an hour! While I would have preferred to get home fast, the extra time spent on my return home allowed me to finish the first of Stinkerbelle’s squishy purple socks. I’ll show it off tomorrow after I get a good picture.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a blast and the yarn is super gorgeous!

Felicia said...

that yarn is yummy

Lolly said...

A wonderfully documented trip! I have only been to Philly once, but would love to go again and do some yarn shopping. Great yarn you picked up - those colors are so rich!

Krista said...

Is that picture up there from Union Station? I was just there last week. What an amazing place. Well, the "Main Hall" anyway.