Jul 6, 2006

Lemming, Lemming, Lemming

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. I’m a little crazed as usual. I really do look forward to a day when there is sanity and a little bit of quiet in my life outside of knitting. Till then you’ll have to settle for the frazzled version of me. Can I make it up to you with a picture of a lovely lily from my yard?


My Fourth of July was wonderful. Naturally, being water lovers, we went to the pool where we spent a terrific afternoon. It was perfect. Not too crowded. Blue skies. A lounge chair to knit in. Perfect water temperature too - this was the icing on the cake for me. I’m a total baby when it comes to cold water and I always have been. (Thankfully my daughters don’t have these issues.) I’m also not big on being splashed so I usually only go in during break when its adults only time. I got in the water and found that it was just this side of a bathtub – very refreshing. It was so nice that I just didn’t want to get out so, after the break, my girls got in and we all splashed around for a while. It was fantastic.

After the pool we went home to get ready for the party that evening at the country club. As we were closing up the house to leave the heavens opened and torrential rain came down. My dh went out to pull the car up under the carport so that is ladies wouldn’t get wet and slipped on wet grass – drenching his new linen shorts. The wind was so strong that the rain was horizontal at times. Then, as quickly as it started, the storm was over and we hit the road. As we drove we could see how forceful the storm had been. There were traffic lights out, splintered trees leaning on power lines and emergency vehicles everywhere.

We arrived at the party and it was great. In honor of the holiday and my good friends birthday we were treated to a lovely meal, adult beverages and a fabulous fireworks display. It was grand!

Lemming BagI bought a new bag on Monday. It’s great, with lots of pockets (for organization you know) and because it’s fabric it’s much lighter than my other bags. I still feel very conflicted about it though. Why? I fear that it confirms my status as a sheep. A lemming perhaps. I know that these damn bags have been around forever but lately – they’re EVERYWHERE! It seems like they exploded and I see then every place I go. I started noticing them a few weeks ago. Gradually, I found myself admiring them - which is odd because they’re sooooo not me. All my other bags are classic leather Coach or Kate Spade. Suddenly I needed one! Monday I went to one of the many shops that have them (I looked it up on the ‘net) and agonized over the purchase. Did I want it because they were so ubiquitous or was I actually attracted to it? I didn’t want to buy it but I HAD TO. I know that certain people (you know who you are) will laugh at me – a lot! Just so you know – it holds my knitting along with my other stuff really, really, well. So there!

By the way, I’m nearly done with the U-Neck Top and I hope to have pictures tomorrow.


margene said...

Love the new bag! Sounds like your weather has been a bit like ours.

Felicia said...

I am laughing at you.

Melissa said...

The bag looks nice.