Jun 13, 2006

Trekking the Rhode River

Spending Saturday at the fair from morning ‘till night would have been quite enough excitement for a weekend but, being social butterflies, the Drama Queen and I spent Sunday trekking about. We started by joining her Junior Girl Scout Troop on their end of year activity – canoeing on the Rhode River about one mile from the Chesapeake Bay. I love canoeing so I invited myself begged to come along volunteered to go with them.

Canoe KnitHere I am in the canoe. I don’t often share pictures of myself but the dorky life jacket hid a few chins and made this picture passable. Our group was split among 3 canoes so I was in a canoe with 2 of Lindsey’s friends because, in true preteen fashion, my child can’t get far enough away from me. Neither of them had a lot of canoeing skill but after struggling for a little while we got our act together and paddled to the little island in the lake.

rough water The weather on Sunday was gorgeous but windy. There were many people out in their boats and the wind combined with the constant motorboat traffic made for very choppy water. I brought the knitting in the canoe with the intention of knitting out on the lake but the water was too rough. It was all we could do at times not to tip over. You can see how rough the water was better in this picture which was taken from the shore of the little island.

driftwoodThere wasn’t much to see on the island but there were a few trees and lots of driftwood. A few other boats had beached there and dogs played in the waves as they crashed on the beach.

Canoing Sock As you can see, the sock is growing steadily despite a few froggings. It’s actually grown a bit since this very bad picture was taken and I’m working on its secret feature. Getting the secret to detail to work right is the cause of some of the frogging. I am loving this yarn and the way that the colors change. You never know what’s going to come next.

Sky Drama

After the canoe trip we trekked to Ik*a and, as anyone who’s been there knows, you can get so lost there. The place is huge! The other danger of shopping there is that you may buy stuff that doesn’t actually fit in the car. Thankfully, we got the furniture (quite a lot) and us all back in the car afterward. It wasn’t comfortable but it worked. I’ll show you some of what I got over the next few days and weeks. Can you say yarn containment device? The highlights of the day were this sky which we saw on the way home (so dramatic!) and seeing my buddy Felicia whip out a sock to work on as we waited in line to pay for our stuff. I wish I had a picture of that! What better sign that she’s been bitten by the knit bug?

A package from my Dye-o-Rama buddy arrived yesterday but the pictures I took sucked so I’ll re-do them and post about that later today or tomorrow. Believe me – they’re worth the wait!


Elisabeth said...

I haven't been canoeing in years! Looks like you and the sock had a great time.

Anna F. said...

Wow. I wish we'd done fun things like that back in my Girl Scout days. Gorgeous sky!

Melissa said...

Looks like you and the sock both had a blast!

Wool Winder said...

Hmmm...wondering what the secret detail is. Great trek!

margene said...

Don't underestimate yourself...you look great! Canoe looks fun when other people do it;-) The Trek sounds like a marvelous adventure.

Sarah said...

Cool sky picture! Looks like you had fun canoeing. I live in marylnad and have never been to the aRhode Island River...thanks for you and the Girl Scouts for turning me onto it!

Siri said...

Canoeing AND I*ea! Your trek really ran the gamut. Sounds fun, but a bit exhausting.