Jun 29, 2006

Inexpensive Swedish Furniture

Late last night I did battle with Stinkerbelle’s new loft bed from Ik*a. I pushed and I pulled and finally the pieces lined up just right and I screwed them in place. Moments later, as I listened to Letterman being introduced as a “purveyor of inexpensive Swedish furniture”, I realized that I’d installed the section backwards. Oh the irony!

It’s all good though. Really! As the project progresses I am growing more and more excited. By tomorrow night I’ll be a mess. I just can’t wait for Stink to see her new room. Hell! What am I saying? I can’t wait to have my girls home period!

Speaking of my girls and irony… I was looking at the Drama Queen’s room last night and thinking about what a horrid mess it is. Before she left for camp we harassed her for weeks about cleaning up her room - and she did. She hauled a ton of stuff out of there in garbage pails. It was hard for her because she’s a pack rat and everything has deep meaning. The irony is that the hideous mess in there right now was caused by DH and I. We had to put the stuff from Stink’s room somewhere! Right?

Perhaps I can make it up to DQ by doing some serious work on her U-Neck Top. It would be great if she was able to try it on before I deliver her to her other camp in North Carolina a week from Sunday. Finishing the sweater would be nice for many reasons - mostly because I’d like to finish something more than socks this summer.

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