Oct 13, 2006

Dyeing for Silk

natural silkI am often guilty of buying yarn without purpose – because it’s pretty or soft or, more likely, both. It’s rare that I buy yarn with purpose and stick to it. This may be why the final purchase I have to share from the fiber festival last weekend is special.

I’m in a bit of a lace/shawl phase lately and I really wanted to make one in silk. Enter this lovely hank of Bombyx Silk from Woven Gems. I picked it up and it fell in my bag. Well, actually, I checked my list and then it fell in my bag. Can you believe that?

I bought it with the idea of turning it into Susan’s Forest Canopy Shawl. start of the forest canopy shawlOn Sunday, the weather was great, sunny and warm and perfect for outdoor activities - like dyeing yarn. I used the Cushings that I bought at MDS&W - Navy Blue, Nile Green and something else which I forget right now. I had a little mishap while it was steaming on the stove (must not let the water in the bottom of the pot evaporate) and it took foever to rinse because dye just kept oming out of the yarn. I was scared of what the result would be because I've never dyed silk before but I think it worked out ok. After drying all week I got it on the needles last night and now it looks like this.

I took the picture above last night and it's ok but I think that the daylight really helps show off the shine and the colors better.

forest canopy outside

I managed to get the shawl started and knit 3 repeats on the body last night. It is super easy and I’m really enjoying this knit. As a bonus, the skein of silk had a lot more yardage than the pattern requires so I should be able to make this shawl a bit bigger than specified AND I’m sure I won’t rub out of yarn. Woo Hoo!

Finally, I’ve got some pansies to share. (just in case the shawl isn’t “eye candy” enough) I saw them in a planter right near the spot I used for my outdoor shot of the shawl. I love pansies but I can never bring myself to buy them knowing that they’ll be dead shortly after I plant them.



Krista said...

Love the yarn! It looks beautiful! Great job in the dyeing. After the holidays I need to try more lace shawl knitting.

aija said...

The silk looks great! It looks like a LOT too :) (I love big skeins of yarn, they just scream "potential!" to me.)