Oct 6, 2006

Eye Candy Friday 10-6-06

Today is Eye Candy Friday and its rainy and gross here. Thankfully, I saved this picture for just such a rainy day.

Kid Play Sculpture

I saw this sculpture one evening recently as I extended my evening commute with a shopping detour. I love the playful feel of it. The sky was threatening that night and I was worried that the rain would start and I’d get drenched but it never happened. No such luck today. It is doing that lovely horizontal rain that’s nearly impossible to avoid. I am more than ready for a little fiber therapy at the Virginia Fiber Festival – even if the weather report says that there is a 60% chance of rain.


cursingmama said...

lovely picture.
You know I've read that a lot of times the best photo's are taken on overcast days -

Krista said...

Rain or no rain, I'll be at the festival with money in hand!