Oct 3, 2006

Noro and a Bagel

Sky 10-3-06 I really wish that my camera took truer pictures. When I looked out of the window of my car this morning the sky was full of blue and pink and purple so I took this picture. Here, the purple looks rather grea but it’s still an interesting sky. I like it.

I got off to a slightly rocky start today because I couldn’t find my Metro Card. It’s kind of essential for getting to work. I got a temp pass for the ride in and thankfully, after tearing my pocketbook apart I located the missing card. It was one of those cases of putting something away extra carefully and then forgetting the super-safe spot you chose. It’s really just a symptom of the craziness that was my weekend. I’m hoping it doesn’t extend to the rest of the month because I LOVE OCTOBER! Aside from the usual craziness, this month will be full of family, fiber and my birthday.

Naturally, I’ll share most of it – beginning with the fiber which will not be found at Rhinebeck after all. I wanted to go but I thought about it too long and the adult side of my brain got way to loud with it’s whining about bills and responsibility. I fought hard but, in the end, I’m really ok with it because then I’ll look forward to next year that much more. In the meantime I will satisfy my craving with a trip to Montpelier, VA this coming weekend. I will be attending the Fall Fiber Festival with the Drama Queen and her buddy. They’ll be taking a class called Knitting for Kids while I wander and play with fiber. I’m doing my best to convert them into knitters. Start’em young! Right?

Yarn Centerpiece

I was absent from Blogland yesterday while I observed Yom Kippur. At the end of the holiday it’s customary to break the fast at someone’s house and, we hosted it again yesterday for a house full of very hungry guests. I cooked with the assistance of my favorite sous chef’s, Stinkerbelle and DQ, and we finished our preparations in time for the first guest’s arrival. For once I was not chopping veggies while I greeted people. That bodes well for the New Year. I also started right in another sense - I added a touch of fiber to the spread. Would you like a little Noro with that bagel? Can you believe that this centerpiece was my father’s idea?


Julie said...

What a beautiful centerpiece. And what a clever Daddy to think of it :)

Cathy said...

Have a wonderful time in Montpelier! My son attends college in Northfield right next door and I just love going up. I didn't realize I was missing a fiber fest this weekend! Love your centerpiece :)