Oct 23, 2006

A Weaver is Born - I think

There are days when I feel like the luckiest person around. I had one of those days last week when I opened a birthday gift that had arrived early (the big day is 10/28). A very good friend of mine got me a membership to Springwater Fiber Workshop. I had never been there but I’d been thinking about it – a lot. Among other things, they have spinning classes there. Need I say more?

It should come as no surprise that a field trip to Springwater was quickly planned for last Saturday. We had to check it out! My friend Felicia (gift-giver extraordinare) and I planned a little trip down to Alexandria, VA and Stinkerbelle insisted on joining us. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but Stink loves to go shopping with me. Always. For anything… except yarn. The yarn store is the one place she usually doesn’t want to go but on Saturday she was game for anything.

Springwater is a narrow but deep place with a supply shop in front and a classroom in the rear. We started exploring the fiber offerings and Stink admired and petted the yarn along with Felicia and I. Then we entered the class area and there were looms set up and people were working on them. Stink was sucked in fast and when a woman (I didn’t get her name) offered Stink the chance to try it out she eagerly said yes.

D weavesD weaves more

Do you see the look of concentration on her face? She sat and worked on the loom for quite a long time and wove about 5-6 inches. More than once she asked if we could get a loom. Thankfully the woman at the store suggested that we can come back and try it a few more times to see if she really loves it before investing in a loom of our own. As we left the store, Stink asked if we can go back again next week. Of course we can.

orange trekkingWool Tencel

This is what came home with me from Springwater. There’s a little orange Trekking which is perfect for this time of year. I also got a little bit of wool/tencel blend which was on sale. Speaking of sales, just wait ‘till I show you what I got at Knit Happens.

By the way, I did finish the birthday bag and it’s perfect but its debut will have to wait until after the other birthday girl sees it.

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