Oct 17, 2006

My Funky Scarf Arrives

Me with a funky scarf This past weekend was a good one because not only did I receive my Socks of Doom – I got my funky scarf in the mail too. The Drama Queen took this picture of me wearing the scarf in my yard on Sunday. I really love it! Heidi, who is blogless, made it for me. It’s the Fickle Fingers pattern from the winter 2005 IK. It’s kind of funny because I have that issue and it was on the coffee table in front of me as I opened the box because I had been perusing it recently but I never noticed that pattern.

funky treat She sent a yummy chocolate bar and a lovely postcard along with the scarf. The postcard is of Colorado, where she lives and, coincidentally, where my sock assassin lives. Those of you who are paying attention may note that geography is not all these two knitters have in common. The both chose astonishingly similar colors to use. Can you believe that! Really now, what are the odds.

socks and scarf I made another pilgrimage to Ikea this weekend to purchase another storage unit. I really agonized over the decision. I was a little torn between two different designs but, really, I was distressed at having to make the purchase at all. I brought the selection home and it’s lovely. Really, it is! I just didn’t take any pictures because it’s still freaking me out. On the one hand, there are no longer bags and piles of yarn all over the living room. On the other hand, it is really scary that I need 2 storage units (however lovely they may be) a cabinet and multiple baskets to hold the stash. This may explain the rash of frantic knitting that is taking place at my house right now. Now that I can clearly see what's there, I can also see all that needs to get done. Every FO brings me closer to getting ths stash under control.

As if to put an exclamation point on the situation, my dad asked, as he surveyed the stash, if I had figured out how much of an investment the stash represents. NO!!! I cannot even begin to think of it. I don’t want to. Enough to pay DQ’s recital fees for 3 classes – yup! Enough to cover the down payment for both girls at sleep-away camp – check! Enough to cover the mortgage for a month – guilty! This is just a rough guess. Please believe me when I say that I just don’t want to know. I will also admit that it's likely that there will be more stash enhancement before this year is over.

Hubbo was in NY yesterday. His step father’s mother passed away at the age of 99 so he flew up for the day to attend the funeral. Returning home on the shuttle at 5:30 he found himself among a throng of business men. They were all reading their newspapers and working on laptops except for one guy that hubbo noticed who was knitting a sock. DH says that what caught his eye was the motion of his hands because the guy was a thrower. He thought the guy seemed far more relaxed than the rest. Imagine that!


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

OMG! How much investment is in your stash! There is no way I'd ever evn try to calculate that. No way, no how! Yikes!

Your scarf and socks are great. I can't believe the go together so well and both came from Colorado!

Melissa said...

Love the scarf!!
How funny that our hubbos see knitting where most people don't. Wanna guess how many men didn't even notice the knitting! :)
My little boy can spot yarn from a mile away, and knitting in cartoons. Poor kid.

Emily said...

The stash investment calculation frightens me. My mother said something similar when she visited this summer, to which I replied that it was really best not to think of it as money spent, but as the accumulation of potential enjoyment...

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Harvey's mother. I have a very fond memory of her; when we all attended Harvey's 60th birthday party and his mother had a conversation with both you and me, Hillary, and she said she had a dream that you had a little girl baby. We were both shocked b/c you were not even pregrant... or so we thought. Actually turned out that you were about 2 weeks pregnant, and not even aware of it yet, and you DID have a little girl. That woman was prophetic, and she knew her stuff. She was very sweet, pleasant, friendly.... I'm glad she had 99 years and I truly hope they were happy years. Just 21 years short of a full measure.