Oct 18, 2006

Jeffrey !?

I just finished watching Project Runway and I’m a little disappointed. I’m sure that he’s talented but I just don’t think that Jeffery ought to be rewarded for poor behavior. I mean, really, he behaved like a jerk throughout most of the competition. S’ok, I’m over it. I really liked Uli’s collection a lot though. Too bad I’m not skinny or 20.

Speaking of skinny, I need to get a little something off my chest. Have you all seen the commercial for some nameless weight loss company with some chick talking about losing, like 40 lbs, and she’s so thrilled because now she’s a size 2? Does it irritate you like it irritates me? It’s not just that I’m never ever going to be anywhere near a size 2 again. I’m ok with that. It’s that the commercial is stupid and insipid. Who is it aimed at? She says that now that she’s a 2 she can wear a bikini again. You can’t do that if you’re a 4 or a 6 or an 8? Seriously! To me she is a girl who was skinnier than I’ll ever be before she lost the weight and I cannot imagine that this is really who they ought to be targeting with weight loss commercials.

Sorry about that. Rant over!

PA191614 On a more positive note, I managed to work out the details of a gift I’m making for my niece who shares the best day of the year with me. I’m sure that better knitters than I would have a plan before they cast on but, especially when it comes to felted bags, I tend to feel my way through the project.

I’d kind of like my sister to be a little surprised so I’m going to wait until after “the day” to show you the finished product. This is a little tease though. I should say that earlier this evening I was freaking out a little because… wait for it… I was afraid that I was going to run out of yarn before the bag was big enough. I initially bought 4 balls of the dark green which is very soft Elann Highland Wool. I’m doubling it throughout and now, when the bag is 5 inches high, I have finished the first set of balls. After panic and plotting I think it’ll work out ok. I think I was most worried because I was without vision for the strap. No longer! I’m thinking of i-cord and eyelets. If it works it’ll be very cool.

Jeffrey… really, are you sure?


amanda said...

I was soooooo bummed Jeffrey won. Uli or Laura should have won!!!

Lucinda said...

Weightloss commercials that make a Size 2 sound like the ultimate goal are just insane. Very few normal, full grown women could EVER be that size, unless small bones run in their family. I was already a size 5/7 as a very skinny eleven/twelve year old. I've NEVER been a size 2. Most of the girls I knew in high school who were shorter & more petite than I was weren't size 2 either.

Can you tell I agree with your rant? ;-)

cookie said...

Oh no! I hope you have enough yarn to finish the bag! I have heard rumors that if you just knit fast enough, you can outrun the yarn shortage. Not sure how well that works. :-)

I think I've seen that commercial and have been annoyed because (a) size 2 is an absurd goal for anyone on a weight loss program, (b) that woman's chest is definitely NOT size 2, (c) UGGGGHHHHHHH!

And I rooted for Jeffrey, I admit it.