Oct 12, 2006

Spinners All

Thanks for all of the nice comments about the scarf and hat and, of course – DQ.

I think that I may have misrepresented or understated my love of that yarn. It occurs to me that I neglected to share this pat of a rather large purchase of Andean Silk that arrived last week.

Scarf for LScarf for D

On the left is the yarn I bought for DQ’s scarf. It’s Bluebell and Navy coupled with some eyelash in complementary colors. On the right is the yarn for Stinkerbelle’s scarf. She chose Cornflower and Hyacinth to go with the Lazy Daisy I found on sale at AC Moore. I can’t wait to start their scarves because that yarn makes my hands seriously happy.

I have more fiber to share today… and tomorrow. Yes, I was quite busy at the small Virginia Fiber Festival. I think that, maybe, I was lulled into it by the purchases made by my partner in crime enabler friend Felicia. Usually she comes with me on crafty outings and watches, (with wallet firmly placed in pocket) while I buy everything in sight. Not this time! Her wallet came out first. I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

Anyway, I’ve displayed the yarn but I also bought a little bit of spinning fiber.


This is part of the Finn which I hope to dye as part of the Twisted knitters Dye-Spin-Knit Along. I read somewhere, on one of the dozens of blogs I read, that it’s nice to spin. We shall see.


I don’t recall the type of fiber this is. I guess that you could say I was blinded by the pretty colors. Even so, I was going to resist it until DQ asked for a spindle. Can you believe that? My kid wants to spin! How could I refuse? I couldn’t, so I bought her a spindle and then she searched all the booths till she found fiber that appealed to her – in the same booth as this stuff I was resisting. What was I to do? I bought them both.

DQ's Spindle

Here are her first efforts at spinning. It’s not the smoothest or finest yarn but she’s very proud of it. I may frame it.

BTW - there's still one more new skein of yarn to share tomorrow.

Sock Wars Update - Nada in the mail yet. No socks to wear or knit. I'm still alive but my will to fight is waning.


amanda said...

Her spinning looks great! And the blue fiber is lovely -- I can see why you were blinded by color and didn't pay attention to minor details :o)

The Purloined Letter said...

What a beautiful choice of fiber for her first spinning! I do wish we had met up at the festival!