Oct 25, 2006

St Tropez Scarf

What do you think of this?

Tencel scarf

I really am looking for input because I’m torn. This actually represents my second attempt at making a scarf with this yarn, which you may recognize as the wool/tencel I bought last weekend. The first one got frogged last night because, I cast on without fully engaging the brain and wound up with… are you ready… 302 stitches! It seemed like a good idea at the time and it was actually ok until I thought it through and realized that I would not be able to fit all of the double yarn-overs needed for the dropped stitch part of this design on the needle. Oooops!

Off the needles it came and I redid it with 240 stitches. Much better! Now I’m making progress and I’ve added a few rows of the Filatura Di Crosa Saint Tropez. Is it working for you? I think it is but I’m just not sure. The color may be slightly off but that could be a good thing. The w/t is a blend of soft red and coral and there are similar colors in the St T. But the St T also has bright red and a deep brownish shade and those are the ones that concern me. Maybe I’m over-thinking it. Since I’m just going for a simple, lengthwise, garter scarf, perhaps the stronger colors give it the punch it needs.

I’m not really this obsessive over most things. I think that it’s just the knitting that brings it out in me. I always want to get it right – at least the stitches and colors. The finishing is another story. I think this drive for excellence in all things knit is a good thing. I hope you all agree because I’ve spent the past month pondering something and lining things up just right to make it great.

Think socks.
Think original design.
Think competition.
Think fabulous!
Think November 1.

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Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

It looks good from here. The yarns seem to work well and I think the contrast in texture between them helps keep interest in the simple stitching...

Just my 2 cents...