Oct 9, 2006

Mud gets in your shoes and your ears and....

Mud 1 Saturday morning dawned ever bit as nasty as expected – and then some. It was cold and wet and generally nasty but that didn’t stop us. The call of the fiber was just too strong.
How cold was it? I wore my favorite Queens College (I just love that they’ve mentioned my alma mater on the first 2 episodes of Ugly Betty) sweatshirt AND my Disney hoodie. The second was supposed to be my back-up, just in case the first one got wet or muddy. I needed both.
mud boots I went to the festival with my buddy Felicia, the Drama Queen, and DQ’s friend Rachel. We are all currently active in Girl Scouts, whose motto is “be prepared” yet none of us prepared by wearing boots. Ooops! How pathetic is that? Both my sneakers and my Trekking socks, which I wore for the first time, came home totally soaked and caked with mud. Regardless of the improper footwear, we were very proud to have remained upright all day long. Staying on our feet and not losing our shoes in the mud were huge accomplishments. We are so proud! There ought to be a badge for mud walking.
mud car Just in case the first two pictures didn’t properly demonstrate the muddiness, here’s one of the roof of my car. Even that was liberally splattered in mud. But, here again I can be thankful because I didn’t get stuck in the mud at all. Many other cars did.
It wasn’t all about the mud at the festival. I got to meet Krista of the Naked Sheep at the festival. She was there with her daughter (who was wearing proper footwear) and I was happy that they braved the bad weather to go to the festival. It was so nice to see her in person.

Still with me? Good, here’s a little reward – fiber talk. I went with a shopping list of sorts this time. You may recall that my trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool was a little more expensive that I intended. I tried to avoid that by using a list. Unfortunately the list is only good if you stick to it. I didn’t. I really don’t think that sock yarn counts though.


Lorna’s Laces in “River”

Spirit trail

Spirit Trail Fiberworks


Bransonas in “Hallmark”

I’ll show you more of the stuff that fell in my bag tomorrow. There’s also a new sock, some dyeing and a bit of spinning to share this week. I’ve been busy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hillary! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Glad you survived...pictures I've seen from yesterday the mud seemed just as bad even though the sun came out.

Were those your boys all muddy?

cursingmama said...

I love it when good stuff accidentally falls into the shopping bag! The yarn is making me feel all shoppy ;)

aija said...

That's a lot of mud! :) The purchases look so bright and cheery against the rainy/muddy pics, great shots!

Krista said...

Great yarn purchases! Wish we could have talked more, but my daughter is impatient around yarn!