Sep 4, 2008

Back to Socks

Thanks for all of the lovely comments about my shawl. I'm still blushing.


DSC_0619Look it's a sock. It's a super-simple-but-none-the-less-lovely sock.

This is the first time that I've used Fiesta Boomerang and I love it. This stuff has such a lovely hand. It's soft and sproingy. DQ commented on how great it felt when she modeled the sock for me last night. This is a sock that will feel fantastic on cold winter days. Warn and soothing on my feet.

It's also much more substantial fabric since it's a worsted weight yarn. Going back and forth between this sock and a sock I'm working on in Flock Bransonas, which I consider a light fingering, has been weird because the feel of the yarn is so drastically different. One sock is thin and a little rough and the other is thick and soft and totally begs to be worn.

It's not just the feel of the yarn that makes it fabulous. The color is lovely too. This sock has been sitting atop a basket of yarn next to my couch for a while and everyone comments on it and how pretty it is. They all think that it would make great socks for them. Hah! As if!

DSC_0621The look of this sock is best indication of how great this yarn is. It's just a plain, simple sock. No wild patterning. No crazy construction. I just did a plain toe-up sock because it just seemed right for the yarn.

Even with a sock as simple as this one I've had a glitch or 2. There was even a bit of frogging but it was totally my fault. When I got to the heel I had a momentary lapse and decided to go with a Widdershins treatment. I started increasing for the gussets and it was fine but not fine. You know what I mean? It was just off and I couldn't wrap my head around doing the heel math. Suddenly I realized what the problem was. Simple sock = simple heel. I ripped back, did my standard short row heel and now it's all good... except for the peplum. It was supposed to be a picot edge but it came out more like a sock peplum. Oh well. If I call it a design innovation then nobody will know it's a screw up. Yeah. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Carole Knits said...

I think the little bit of ruffle is just fine - call it a design decision!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty sock; I think it would make great socks for me ;-)