Sep 25, 2008


It's lovely having a child with big enough feet to model my finished socks but it's so hard to coordinate our schedules to fit in photo shoots. Thankfully we were finally able to fit it in last night.

These are a pair of modified Widdershins made with yarn from the Flock Bransonas. I wanted to try this pattern because I'm a toe-up kind of girl and, although short row heels are fine, I wanted to check out the alternatives. I'm happy I explored this but I suspect that I'll still be more likely to stick with a short row heel. For me it's just a no-brainer. A short row heel is one that I can do anywhere without much math or contemplation.

I knit the pattern mostly as written but I added a little mock cable up the back of the socks for fun. Sadly the cables don't show up well in these pictures but maybe I'll try it again with different, less colorful, yarn.

These socks fit pretty well and I'm happy with them but they do offer some lessons for me with respect to yarn choice. I can recall buying this yarn and I know that my consideration didn't go much beyond "ooh pretty" coupled with a glance at the price tag. I would hope that I've evolved as a yarn buyer.

The blues and greens in this yarn are very me and they looked great in the skein. It was just lovely. I'm not sure that I love them as socks. The green is way too bright. I need to remember to think about yarn more in terms of it's ultimate use. How will it look when it's knit up? Will I want to wear it?

The other aspect of this yarn that I was less than enthusiastic about was the feel. It's thinner and not sproingy. I like yarns with a more substantial feel.

Don't get me wrong, I do like these socks and the yarn was pretty. I bet they'll wear really well. They're just not me but they were a great learning experience.


sprite said...

Does that mean they're headed to your daughter?

FWIW, I think they're cute!

jess said...

the socks look great! I can see the little mock cable. :)

I'm sorry to read that you didn't like the yarn that much -- I have a hank of it in stash myself (same color!) that I was hoping to knit Pomatomus with. You're right about the green being super bright though!

Carole Knits said...

I really like the colors but I know you're a bit more conservative in your sock choices.

Anonymous said...

I think the socks are beautiful! I choose whatever colors make me happy for socks; after all, how many people are actually going to see them?