Sep 15, 2008

Go, Go, Go

DSC_0724We were in New York again last weekend and now I am so tired. It was yet another weekend filled with family events that packed our schedule in so tight that we never wore anything but our dressy clothes. We just went from one event to the next and in between we visited with my grandparents and hubbo's step mother.

We celebrated hubbo's birthday, the Bat Mitzvah of his niece and the 95th birthday of his grandmother. All good things! Even the rain that fell off and on all through the weekend couldn't slow us down.

The pictures here are of Central Synagogue which is where we spent a good part of the weekend. I really wish that I could show you the inside of this place. It is absolutely gorgeous. There are the most vivid and intricate stained glass windows. The whole place is alive with color and texture on such a grand scale. If you want to see more of this building then you can check out this link which has information on this historic building.

DSC_0722Our trip to and from the city was pretty uneventful - the best kind of road trip. Predictably we hit traffic right around NYC and again as we approached DC last night but it wasn't awful and it did offer plenty of knitting/crocheting time. I completed kippah 37 on the way home last night and I completed a baby gift on the way up. It's a good thing too because my cousin had a baby on Friday so I need to move on to the next gift.

I'll get right on it - after I recover from the weekend. I need a nap in the worst way!

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Carole Knits said...

Sounds exhausting but fun.