Sep 23, 2008


Letting go of any plan that I may have had to knit a scarf from the Uros didn't let me off the gift knitting hook so yesterday I trolled through Ravelry a bit and suddenly I found the perfect pattern. Even better - I had the yarn for it in my stash already.

This scarf will be for a guy who beats to a different drummer in more ways than one so I wanted to make something unusual. Thankfully, he's not hung up on guy colors etc so I have quite a bit of latittude. With all this in mind, the Entrelac Scarf by Allison LoCicero jumped out at me and it was all I could do to wait until I got home to dive into my stash and pull out a bit of Noro Kureyon.
Sitting in the library last night while Stinkette worked with her new tutor, I got to the end of the second tier before wripping all the way back because I made a dumb error (cast on one too many stitches). I restarted immediately and this is where I was when I was finally able to put it down.

Blankets and scarves would probably be my two least favorite things to knit because they are repetitive and take so long to knit but I think that this will be fun and go super fast. The constant picking up of stitches and changes in direction coupled with the way the yarn shifts from one color to the next provide constant interest.

By the way, this officially starts my gift knitting for this year. I'll come up with a list of goals soon and we'll see how it goes. Right now I just want to do 2 scarves but i'm sure that I'll add a few more things.


Cursing Mama said...

*sticks fingers in ears*
Can not begin to fathom gift knitting yet....can't do it.

I also can't wait to see how that scarf knits up because it looks mighty squooshy!

Carole Knits said...

The scarf is looking great and that's a terrific way to learn entrelac.

Gnat said...

I've been wanting to knit a scarf in entrelac. it looks great!!!