Sep 18, 2008

Cash Would Be Better

This has been a week of nonstop appointments, meetings and demands on my time in general. Is it any surprise that I'm feeling a little random?

Most of the activities are school related, like the back to school nights that I attended last night and will attend tonight. Yesterday was my first back to school night at the secondary school that DQ attends now, the one many refer to as "the aircraft carrier" because it's just that big. I met the odd english teacher, the energetic social studies teacher, the serious math teacher and the science teacher who is just as funny (and cute) as DQ said he was. I opened my wallet for the massive marketing machine that makes the school run and marveled at it all.

DSC_0809Yesterday I also received a little surprise in the mail. CNN sent me a nifty lunch bag as a thank you for my iReport. Admittedly cash would be better but, considering that I submitted the report with no expectations at all, any show of appreciation is nice.

Today I'll attend Stinkerbelle's back to school night and hear from "the nicest 4th grade teacher in the school." With an endorsement like that how could it not be a great night?

What are you up to?

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Carole Knits said...

Not much. Just eating and hanging out. ;-)