Sep 22, 2008

Facing Facts

DSC_0815It was yet another in a long schedule of super-busy weekends. We attended homecoming at DQ's school for the first time. Stinky played some games, DQ got to see a bunch of her friends and we all enjoyed being a part of a school that is so spirited. Everyone was wearing the school colors and many got really into it. There were faces, hair and bodies painted blue and gold.

Stinkette had an early morning softball game on Saturday. Hubbo is coaching her team this season and I'm not sure who's having a better time. He has been hoping since they were born that one of them would be into sports of any kind. He's really supportive of all of their endeavours but he is purely a spectator when it comes to DQ's dancing. I'm sure that we're all thankful for that because the idea of him tapping across the stage is enough to make me fall out of my chair. Anyway, softball is totally his thing so coaching Stinky's team is natural for him. They're both having a blast although my girl would really like it if her team won a game or two.

DNA ScarfI did a bit of knitting this weekend. Still focusing on all of the cast aside UFO's I fished out a really old one from the bottom of my yarn cabinet. It was a scarf that was started pre-blog. Yeah - that old. Anyway, I entered it on Ravelry and started to get reaquainted with it and then I did something totally out of character. Even though it was about 2.5 feet in length and I could've finished it in no time I faced reality and frogged the whole thing.

It was the DNA Scarf and I really liked the idea of it but not this version of it. The sides rolled in which could've been fixed by blocking but it just didn't feel substantial and scarf-like to me. The bottom line was that it just wasn't making me happy so in the space of a minute or 2 I rolled all of the yarn back into a ball and felt so relieved. Whew!

DSC_0826I decided to try Shifting Sands with the yarn instead. What a lovely texture this patten creates! It's such a simple pattern and I'm sure that it would make great tv knitting but.... not with this yarn. This too is heading to the frog pond because I've belated figured out the culprit. It's the yarn. I do not like hairy yarn and this Elann Peruvian Collection Uros is supa-hairy. It's a blend of llama and wool but it's a single ply and the wool component must be Romney or some similar wool. I just flat out don't like this stuff and life's too short to knit with icky yarn. Now I have to figure out what to do with 5-7 skeains of this stuff because there is just no reason for it to sit in the stash any longer. Want some?

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Carole Knits said...

That's too bad about the yarn. Did you try putting it up on Ravelry for destashing?
I now have an image of Bruce dancing across the stage in a tutu. Thanks for the laugh!!!