Sep 2, 2008

Up & Down & Back Again

IMG_2524Blah, blah, blah... can't believe the summer is over. Blah, blah, blah... kids are back to school. I'm sure that it's all been said elsewhere and better. What I will say is that after a summer with more ups and downs than usual, having the kids back at school feels really good. It feels more normal and settled in a way.

We'd been looking forward to this past weekend for a while because of a Bar Mitzvah we attended on Saturday for the son of some of our closest friends. I looked forward to the debut of my new shawl and spending time with some of my favorite people. The girls were excited for another reason - the cake. It was made by a celebrity chef and they couldn't wait to see how it would turn out.

Stinkerbelle, who fancies herself quite the chef, was particularly excited about the cake and the anticipation was killing her. It was really funny and led to quite a few discussions like this one from a few weeks ago:
IMG_2521Stink: (alarmed) Mommy! We haven't seen Ace of Cakes in a while.

Me: That's ok, it's still on. Maybe we'll watch it tonight.

S: But Mommy we missed it. We missed seeing G's cake on the show!

Me: Oh Stinky, it might not even be on the show and even if it is it wouldn't have been on yet.

S: (clearly not believing me) How do you know?

Me: Because G's party is still weeks away and if the cake was already on the show then it would be old and it wouldn't taste very good any more when we saw it at the party.

We've had lot's of discussions like that. She was kind of obsessed. I'm happy to report that the cake didn't disappoint at all. It was very cool and very yummy. I was far from the only person taking pictures of that cake. All night long there were people gathered around it.

The rest of the weekend was great too - full of barbequeing and relaxing by the pool. How was your weekend?

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Carole Knits said...

That's quite a cake! My weekend was a great mix of relaxing and socializing - thanks for asking.