Sep 5, 2008

My DC - Week 28

Today I offer two buildings that I became familiar with when I started working in downtown DC. They stand at opposite ends of the intersection of New York Avenue, 13th Street and H Street so these buildings share a somewhat odd shape - more like a pie wedge than a rectangle.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts has the distinction of being across the street from the first place I worked in DC. At the time I loved the idea of being so close to a museum dedicated to art by women although I don't think I ever toured the collection because this is one of the museums in DC that charges for admission. Bummer. I could've had so much fun.

I did spend a bit of money in the museum over the years. They have a lovely gift shop and I'm sure that many family members received presents from there over the years. They also had a little cafe which my friends and I visited on occasion. I don't think that it's there any more and that's a shame because it was cool to have lunch on the mezzanine in the great hall where we could appreciate the art and the beauty of the building itself. As nifty as it is on the outside it's fantastic inside.

The exterior of this 1908 building has a series of emblems around the top that surely relate to the structure's original purpose as a Masonic temple. My grandfather is a Mason and I recognize the masonic Square and Compasses that is part of one of them from a ring that he wears.


The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church stands directly across the intersection from the National Museum of Women in the Arts. It's even older, dating back to 1860. It has a long history and counts President Lincoln among former attendees.


These buildings are in an area that is newer so most of the surrounding structures are newer. It's always interesting to see the very old against a backdrop of the very new.

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Carole Knits said...

As always, it's great to see the city through your eyes.