Jan 13, 2009

Laceuary Continues

Aside fron completing the last of the kippot I concentrated heavily on lace this weekend. Beacause the yarn is such a dark color, my Juno Regina is hard to photograph so you'll have to take my word for it that significant progress was made. I have completed the first 4 charts and I'm now a few inches into the midsection.

Petals is a bit easier to capture. This is a "U" shaped piece and this picture shows the completed bottom of the U. The middle stitches have been bound off and now I'm starting one arm. It should move faster now because the shaping is done and I only have to knit across 2 repeats.


I suggested to DQ that we'll call this a wrap because a shawl sounds too old for a young girl. She replied that it doesn't matter what we call it because it's cashmere and that's all that matters. She's got a point. The pastels on this yarn aren't me at all but the feel of the yarn is enough to make me want to swipe it and roll around in it a bit. Happily it's also pretty sturdy yarn. You may recall that I frogged the whole thing about a third through the bottom of the U and I can say that the yarn held up just fine. It really is gorgeous stuff.


I've got a little less than 3 weeks left to finish these. I feel much more confident today about my chances than I did last week at this time but you never know. Anything can happen and I must allow enough time to block them. Soon I'll be knitting lace in my sleep.

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Carole Knits said...

I just know you can finish.