Jan 23, 2009

ECF - Accomplished Edition

This is my first Eye Candy Friday for 2009 and it's one that makes me smile because I've wanted to take this picture for quite a long time. This is a stack of all 80 kippot that I made over the past year. It's about 6 inches high and gives me an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment.


Most of them had been in New York having labels sewn in by my mother. I am eternally grateful to her for volunteering to sew in the labels because having to do that myself would send me right over the edge.
Now they are finished and ready to go and I feel nothing but joy. Looking at that stack of kippot is so reassuring to me. It was a big job.

Here is a closeup of the top of the pile where I placed the three beaded kippot that are for my daughters and I. Mine is the one with the white lacey edge. Kippot are traditionally for the men although many women wear them too but it's more common to see women wearing doilies on their heads. Yuck. I thought thaere had to be a better option so I created a hybrid that marries the kippot with a lacey edge and I really love it. I hope that my mom, my M-I-L and my grandmother like them too because I made one for each of them too.
Have a great weekend!


Margene said...

They look fabulous and will add so much to your celebration, especially since there made by your hand.

sprite said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I bet DQ is so delighted she has such a talented mom to make a lovely souvenir of her big day!

Cursing Mama said...

Absolutely beautiful. I bet you can't hardly wait to wear them now.

Carole Knits said...

All done with time to spare! Hooray!

Wendy said...

Congratulation! They're beautiful!!!

Meghann said...

great job!