Jan 16, 2009

My DC - Cheesy Edition

DSC_0683What a cheese-fest!

I headed over to the Inauguration souvenir store again the other day to pick up treats for a friend and one of the people working in the store was allowing people to take pictures in this little vignette they have set up in the entry to the store. I'm not sure if the desk is authentic or a replica but I can say that we were told not to touch anything. Don't I look good in the seat of power? Nah.

One of the lovely things about working in DC is that we get a 4 day weekend because the city is going to be locked down tight for the festivities. The list of Metro stations, highways, streets and bridges being shut down is about 10 pages long and it sends a message loud and clear to all of us locals... STAY HOME! Noted.

So I will be watching the Inauguration in the warmth of my livingroom just as many of you will be. It's a little sad that they've made it so difficult for those of us who live here to attend the events. It's ok though because with just 2 weeks until our next big family event there are lot's of things for me to do.

Have a great weekend!


Carole Knits said...

That picture is awesome! How cool that you were there at just the right time. It's a shame that you won't get to attend the events but I can't say as I blame you - I'm sure it will be chaos!

Anonymous said...

Great picture! I think you'll probably get a better view of the events from your livingroom and you'll be able to knit :-)

Cursing Mama said...

I hope you've posted that picture at home as a reminder of just exactly who is in charge. Enjoy the long weekend - I suspect the temperatures inside will be much better than those outside for inauguration watching.

Anonymous said...

They say 'don't touch anything' to save money on Windex.

Try for one of those Obama cut-out figures. Then you could prop him up in your kitchen and have a place to keep your apron handy.