Jan 27, 2009

It's a Wrap

With just 2 more days before things explode around my house it was time to assess the state of the various projects. My daughter's Bat Mitzvah has really gotten my creative juices flowing (I just couldn't seem to stop them) and aside from the kippot and DQ's wrap, I also made a memory book, a photo display of DQ through the years, table signs and all of the place cards. Those last 2 items each required multiple steps - cutting, pasting, outlining, lettering and applying glitter. Thankfully all of that is done.


What I did not finish is my wrap and over the weekend I admitted that it's just not going to get finished in time. The picture above was taken last night right before I put the lace away. It's sitting atop the wrap that I bought to wear in it's place. It's not beaded and it's not lacey but it is cashmere and silk and it'll work just fine and, best of all, I am not stressing over it at all. Not one little bit.
IMG_0496[1]As a funny aside I should say that I'm the only chick in my little family that won't be wearing lace that I made. Stinkette found another silk shawl that I made in early 2007 (seen in the picture at the right) and asked if she could wear it. Of course I said yes. I just love that my girls enjoy my hand knits so much. It's like they're wrapping themselves in my love .


Anonymous said...

It's good that you know when you need to put it down and not stress over it. I'm sure you've got enough to stress about without adding to it. You'll look lovely in your cashmere and silk wrap and your girls will look stunning wrapped in your love :-)

Carole Knits said...

"best of all, I am not stressing over it at all. Not one little bit. "
That is the most important part of all! Good for you. I bet everything will be wonderful because of all your special touches.

Margene said...

No need to add pressure to your already busy life. Enjoy wearing your other shawl!