Jan 7, 2009


Although my intent for 2009 is to destress my knitting life, it's going to have to wait until February because both DQ and I are wearing sleeveless party dresses on February 1 and that means we both need wraps. Yes, I could buy them but I won't because I'm stubborn and it irks me to buy something hat I can make myself.

I don't have too much else on my plate right now knitting-wise and there is one more 4-day weekend between now and then so it's possible that I could get both of these done but I'm not sure it's likely. Here's why...

This is DQ's wrap. The pattern is Petals (Rav link) by Jeanne Abel and the yarn is amazingly yummy cashmere called Myne. On the positive side, this is not a huge piece and only uses about 500 yards of yarn. However, I frogged this thing completely on Sunday night because I was hopelessly lost and the pattern is still a bit challenging to me. It also calls for a beaded edging to be crocheted on. In a pinch I could let DQ wear it without the edge to the party and go back to add it afterward.

This is the start of Miriam's Juno Regina (Rav link) in Skacel's Merino Lace. I just love her patterns and this one has been typical in that it's very well written and easy to follow. Another thing that this project has going for it is the simple midsection that will make perfect TV knitting. On the flip side, this is a very lonooong piece requiring more than double the yarn for Petals.
Looking at these two projects and my totally ridiculous "to do" list it's really anyones guess if I'll get these finished in time. I hope so and I'll certainly do my best but I will not risk my sanity. If I had to put money on it I'd say that DQ will be rocking the cashmere and I'll be bare shouldered.


Anonymous said...

That's a lot to accomplish, but if anyone can do it, I think it's you!

Margene said...

Make sure everyone knows your priorities so they'll step up to help with other tasks. You can do it, but don't hurt yourself in the process.

Carole Knits said...

I think you can finish both. Especially if you follow Margene's advice.