Jan 28, 2009

First Snow, Then Ice

Yesterday it snowed. It wasn't nearly as voluminous as they've had in some places but it was certainly enough to make Stinkerbelle happy. She's been quite busy making forts and snowballs and just generally playing in the snow. Look at our birdbath. Not mach bathing going on here for a while.

This morning we awoke to a very different landscape. Ice was everywhere. The sidewalks and parking lots were treacherous and each step I took was more tentative than the last. I was just sure that I was going to wind up on my ass. I didn't.

With a mass of family arriving in the next 2 days I could easily be freaking out over this turn in the weather but I consulted the forecast and I am reassured. Sun and highs that approach 40 degrees. By the time they start to arrive they'll be little sign on the snow left.


Carole Knits said...

Melting thoughts being sent your way!

Cursing Mama said...

Did you wear skates?