Feb 2, 2009

Murphy's Playground

Let me start by saying that this was one of the best weekends of my life. Murphy's Law was in full effect but still, it was wonderful. All of the months of planning and obsessing paid off beyond all expectations.

There were water main issues at BOTH venues. One was cleaned up just in time for our day and the other resulted in a detour that was actually a little better for our guests. Lemonade from lemons!

Party Mummies

There were sick kids. Both of mine were at the doctor in the days before the event. DQ was on antibiotics but you'd never know because she was awesome. On Saturday she chanted and sang beautifully. I honestly had no idea she had such a great voice but many people commented on it. It was a great surprise.

Stinkerbelle was a little out of sorts because we're actively trying to get her asthma under control but I think that she'll look back on the weekend positively. I hope. It's hard being the little sister of the person being honored.

The highest highs and lowest lows were provided by my grandparents. I was shocked and thrilled beyond words when my grandfather called on Thursday to say that they were definitely coming. I was walking on air all day long. I had totally expected them to say that it was just too much for them. It turns out that it was too much but nothing could stop them.

Friday night they arrived and my grandmother who is very frail passed out at the hotel. I was so worried and Bruce and I followed the ambulance to the hospital where we stayed until my grandfather made us leave.

Zayde and Mattie Sharing a Beer

Saturday morning we were all stressed wondering what would happen. People commented later that DQ looked stressed through the first part of the service and then, suddenly, she didn't. That's because my grandfather my mom and my uncle busted my grandmother out of the hospital (which wanted to hold her longer) and they arrived just in time to hear my girl do her thing.

I could have used a bit less drama but the end result was a fabulous weekend. My grandmother was fine and both of my grandparents were beaming. It was an event they never imagined that they'd be able to attend and they were thrilled to be here. It made my day, month, year... whatever.

I'll probably have more (better) pictures later but these make me smile. At the top are my in-laws dressed as mummies for a game. The second picture is of my grandfather sharing a beer with my niece - kind of.


Carole Knits said...

I'm so glad everything went well. I was thinking about you a lot on Saturday. Sorry about the drama but glad it all worked out.

Margene said...

Mozel Tov to you all!!

sprite said...

I was so happy this weekend when I saw the weather turn out as you'd been hoping for. Congratulations to DQ, please, and to you as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything went well for you despite the little detours! I love the picture of your Grandfather and Niece; he looks so happy.

Cursing Mama said...

Congratulations - it sounds as though everything went well.