Feb 5, 2009

Jake's Thorpe

Isn't this guy handsome?


The origins of this project go back to last May when we were in Ottawa, Canada for a family wedding. my sister and I took advantage of some quite time to go touring the city and miraculously found a yarn store. While my sister puzzled over how I found it (hint - I never leave home without my Knitter's Shop Finder) and my daughters lamented being sucked into a yarn store once again, my nephew was checking out the fiber. He found a merino/silk blend that was mostly black with blue, red and white streaks and he asked if I could spin it for him. I couldn't possibly say no.

Last fall I spun it up and then plied it with some straight black to increase my mileage and make it more substantial. I paired it with some Plymouth Galway Chunky in a bright red and it was perfect for Thorpe. You can count me among the fans of Kirsten Kapur's patterns. This is my second time knitting one of her patterns and it certainly won't be the last.


On Saturday night the family gathered at my house and I was able to give Jake the hat in person. I was thrilled when he put it on immediately... and wouldn't take it off for the rest of the night. Is there any better reception for a handknit? No way! Not only that but my sister says that he was very careful not to leave it behind when they packed to go home on Sunday. This is a guy I'd knit for any day. And he's cute too!

I bet my nephew wore his hat yesterday too because it's been super cold. Just ask DQ and she'll tell you exactly how cold it was yesterday. She forgot her key and got locked out of the house. Because it was so cold (flurries all day) I left work early so she only had to sit out in the cold for 2 hours (it was an hour before I knew she was locked out). Crazy kid! Not only was she not wearing gloves, she was wearing Crocs without socks! By the time I got home her toes were turning deep red. She's fine and we discussed the dangers of frostbite and how socks aren't optional in the winter. The kicker is that there was someone home next door, a girl her age that she used to be friends with who hangs with a different crowd these days. Because this girl had a friend over yesterday DQ wouldn't go and get warm at her house. She's rather freeze with her pride intact! Aren't teen girls fabulous?

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Carole Knits said...

Hannah has locked herself out of the house a few times. I've lectured her about having the key with her, but, well, you understand.
Love the hat!