Feb 9, 2009

Recession at the Auto Show

The Auto Show was in town last weekend and we took Stinkerbelle and her friend. There was plenty to see. Predictably there was a lot of talk of alternatively fueled vehicles.

There were many concept cars and many of them were way out there. Isn't this neat looking?

Some of the cars on display were just all about personalization. There were cars in all kinds of colors and many had graphics too.

While a lot of it was the same, it was very different this year. It was noticeably more low key. Camp Jeep which was a highlight in the past, was not there. I suppose it's no surprise that a company under fire for excess and mismanagement would forego the frills this year. It was just a little sad because Stink-o and her buddy kept looking for the "games" and fun stuff and there just wasn't much of it. They had to make do with Hot Wheels Mustangs that Ford was giving away. They are cool but it's still a little sad.


Carole Knits said...

This damn recession is everywhere. Ugh.

Laura said...

My son and his friends went. "C" said he could have spent another two hours there. He loves all cars, got some great photos too.