Feb 19, 2009

House Guests Revealed

Because of the President's Day holiday it's been a short week but many people around my office are talking about how long it's felt. Not me. Having guests at home has made the week fly by and today they left and my whole house is a little sad because Carole and Dale are wonderful company. Yep, that Carole and that Dale.

Here we are at dinner last night where Dale sat between my girls by request. They just loved him. Especially Stinkette who enjoyed having someone to watch Ben 10 with and even roped him into playing with her Revolutionary War figures even though it's not his war.
Beer was consumed and sites were seen and we all discussed music (over lunch at the Hard Rock), sports (watching the Caps win last night), books (over dinner last night), and knitting (all the time).
Such fun and, as we discussed last night, we owe it all to blogs. Imagine that!


In between it all I managed to finish Stinkette's wrap late Tuesday night and now it's blocking. Yay!


Margene said...

I've been worried about Carole all week! It's nice to know she was having a good time and you were, too!

JessaLu said...

I've been worried, too! Good to know she was having fun - as suspected. ;o)

Carole Knits said...

It was such a fun time! Thank you again for having us and thanks for posting this picture so my other friends can stop worrying!
I'd tell them myself but my blog got hacked while I was away! Arrrgh.

Anonymous said...

Y'all make me LAUGH. Just painting the town while we all wooooonder what's going on. Good to see your happy faces!
Betty in Texas