Feb 17, 2009

Celebrating President's Day

DSC_0851Last year my girls and I celebrated President's Day by visiting George Wshington's Mount Vernon. This year we had a bit of company as we explored landmarks from the life of another president... Abraham Lincoln.

Hubbo and some out of town guests spent the day touring Ford's Theatre which was just reopened to the public after being refurbished. We all sat in the baalcony and listened to a Park Ranger describe the events leading up to and including Lincoln's assasination. It was really informative and enlightening to hear it as we looked out at the box where he was shot. The ranger described John Wilkes Boothes preparation and his movements that night and how he (and Lincoln) entered the balcony using the same narrow, curved staircase we did. It was very moving.

We also toured part of the Smithsonian Museum of American History and the house where Lincoln died. It was such a great day shared with good friends.

Did you do something special to celebrate President's Day?

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