Feb 13, 2009

ECF - Near Miss Edition

This isn't eye candy in the traditional sense and it's not what I planned but it works. When I got home yesterday I found my daughter and my neighbor outside looking at this tree which fell moments before I arrived. It missed my house by just a few feet. If it had hit our house it would've been especially bad since we're expecting house guests next week.

After the Wind
There were wind advisories in my area yesterday and my neighbor saw the tree leaning when she got home. She called someone to try to take the tree down safely but it fell before he had a chance. There he is in the tree. He'll make the mess disappear by the time I get home today - I hope. Truly I'm just happy that it's in the yard rather than in my living room.


Carole Knits said...

Oh my gosh! I'm do glad no one was hurt!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

It's been so windy all week, I'm surprised there wasn't more damage around. A tree fell on the power lines between our house and the neighbors on wednesday.