Feb 23, 2009

Keeping it Interesting

People often ask how my brother is and I always say the same thing - interesting. Generally speaking it's true. He's done lot's of unusual things over the years. In high school he dyed his hair with Kool-Aid. That should've been a hint. Since then he's sky dived and scuba dived. He went to Punxsutawney to see the groundhog and spent many weekends jaunting off to places like Spain, Paris and Sweden with no real plans, just a backpack and aplane ticket. Like I said, he's always up to something interesting.

A few years ago he went to South Korea to teach English to Korean kids and met Misun. Three years ago they went down to the American Embassy in South Korea, signed on the dotted line and came back to the US married. But that wasn't interesting enough.


Since then Misun has converted to Judaism and together they had a little girl named Manhattan (now that's interesting). On Saturday night they had a very interesting wedding that combined elements of American and Korean culture in a Jewish ceremony. Just in case it wasn't interesting enough, they held it in a Russian(?) hall. Very interesting indeed!


DSC_0916My daughter's were in the bridal party. No good pictures of DQ yet but here is Stinkette and her cousin "S". Most of the evening my Stinky wore her new shawl with the dress but I had camnesia and got not pictures of the ensemble. It was pretty funny though because she wore the triangular shaped shawl upside down and every which way during the night.

Interesting or not - the evening was lovely. We ate and drank (some more than others) and visited well into the night.

We wish them all the best!


Carole Knits said...

Thanks for sharing the wedding photos. It sounds like an "interesting" night!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.

Your brother has such a wonderful smile :-)

Cursing Mama said...

It really sounds like it was a lot of fun! *did you see the award post I did - wherein I awarded you an award yesterday? just an FYI