Feb 11, 2009

A Kid Shawl Comes Together

This is the most recent project I've started and it's totally by request... of Stinkerbelle. Last weekend we went dress shopping for my brother's upcoming wedding. We found a dress rather quickly and as Stinkette twirled happily in front of the mirror she told me that it would be perfect with a shawl. Apparently my daughters now think that it's perfectly reasonable to request that I make a little something to complete their ensembles. And I don't mind at all! How can you really complain when your fourth grader, who by rights should think that shawls are terribly "old lady-ish" asks for one? You don't. You ask for preferences and get to work.

Did I mention that the wedding is less than 2 weeks away? Ummmm yeah. I'd love to have a bit more time for this and not be undertaking more deadline knitting but thanks to the stash and Ravelry I think that I've come up with a perfect solution and I'm hopeful that I'll get it done in time.
I wanted something not too fussy or big because my girl isn't into frills and she's only 9. I also knew that I was not going to make myself crazy with laceweight yarn. I poked around Ravelry and was thrilled to see the Forest Canopy Shawl come up. I made one of these before and knew that it was a very simple lace with a short, easily merorized, repeat that will travel well which will allow me to use it as a commuting project.
Monday night I asked Stink-o what color she wanted and as soon as she said light blue and purple I grabbed 2 skeins of Lorna's from the stash in a color called River that my girl pronounced perfect. I cast on the same night and this is what the shawl looked like yesterday afternoon. Since then I've added another 4 repeats. I hate to tempt fate by being to confident but this may be my quickest shawl yet.


Felicia said...

Yay for LL!!!! Stink has got great taste :)

Carole Knits said...

That's going to be gorgeous on her. Enjoy!