Mar 28, 2011

I Thought This Was Spring

This has been such a weird Spring. A little over a week ago i was out taking pictures of stuff like this. Know what it is? DSC_0846 Those are just some of the leaves that will soon transform my backyard into a private little sanctuary very soon. Below is a picture of my yard taken yesterday morning. DSC_0858 The white coating on the deck railing is SNOW! When I woke up there was a thin coating of the stuff on my deck and the branches of the trees but by noon it was mostly gone. Translation - my nocturnal teen never saw it at all. Snow is weird this late in March but not terribly upsetting because of this. DSC_0866 Those are the buds on Yoshi, the Cherry Blossom tree in my yard. According to people who know, those unopened buds shouldn't be adversely effected by the cold. That's really all I need to know because nothing comes between me and my blossoms.

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Carole Knits said...

It's been decidedly unspringlike here, too.