Mar 4, 2011

Not Exactly Eye Candy Friday

I am trying to get back to my regular routines - including semi-regular posting. Sadly I find myself thwarted yet again. This time it's my camera. I think that there's dust in there or something because there are flaws in my pictures. Ugh!

It's ok. I'll go this weekend and get it looked at and all will be well again. Meanwhile I've got a little bit mental eye candy instead of the pictures I originally planned.

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching a show and, as usual, Stinkette was laying in my lap with her head on my belly. Sometimes she talks to it, sometimes she kisses it (awww...), but mostly she rests her head on it waiting to feel something.

The baby was moving around gently for a while and then suddenly it kicked rather hard and Stinkette jumped up with a big smile. She didn't feel it but she says that she heard it. According to her it sounded like a "thump". She was so excited!


Carole Knits said...

That's so sweet! Sorry about the camera, I hope it's a simple (and inexpensive) fix.

Manise said...

Very sweet! I remember my older kids doing that with my last pregnancy. And later on touching the protruding heel while he was stretching in utero. Good luck with your camera.