Mar 9, 2011

Ten Whenever - 10 Favorite Smells

It probably speaks volumes that I can't seem to get myself together until the latter part of the week these days. Then again, at least I do eventually get myself together. It could be worse.

As I told Carole, I had this post mostly written in my head so, even though it is mo longer Tuesday, here's my list.

  1. Lemons and citrus - So fresh and pleasing
  2. The air after it rains - that's another one that smells fresh.
  3. Baking bread - that warm yeastiness says home
  4. Sauteeing Onions - My mom always said "When in doubt - fry onions" and there is definitely something to it.
  5. Chocolate chip cookies baking - I suppose that anything baking is good if you get right down to it.
  6. A turkey in the oven - one of my very favorite things about Thanksgiving.
  7. A fire burning - this is why people brave the bugs and the other discomforts to go camping. Isn't it?
  8. Satsuma body lotion - divine!
  9. Clean Babies - Yay! I'll be surrounded by baby smell soon.
  10. Strawberries - I just can't resist them when the smell hits me.

Definitely a theme going on with that list. Oh, wait - I forgot mulch. Mulch is one of those weird ones because it's not a good smell per se but I dare you to get a whiff and not think spring. Walking down the street here in the city that smell is everywhere as all the buildings get their exterior spruced up and their pansies planted.

Tune in tomorrow for something truly shocking - but in a good way.


Cursing Mama said...

really - you can shock/surprise us more?!?
Did you knit a sweater for a full grown person in a day?

Anonymous said...

Great list! Don't be so hard on yourself with feeling like you can't get things are a working mom who is also juggling a pregnancy...and a house...and all that goes along with that. There is my 2 cents - advice from a lurker!

Carole Knits said...

I definitely agree that lemons are wonderful. And so is most of your list. I'm coming over to sniff your baby's head, you know.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Much of your list made my mental list too! Clean and fresh are favs of mine. I've been thinking I may take part later in the week as well.