Mar 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Reasons to Like March

It's March, a transitional month which is very hard to love. There are no Federal Holidays to provide us with long weekends to look forward to. Not many festivals either. The weather is weird and kind of all over the place.

Is it any wonder that we need a little help finding a reason not to stay in bed for the whole month?


And yet, the transitional nature of the month does offer a little bit of promise. Check it out...

  1. St Patricks Day - even if you're like me and only have a wee bit of Irish blood (oh yes I do!) this is one holiday that's hard to resist. All that green! All those adult beverages! And parades! Yay
  2. Growing things - Speaking of green, there are little green shoots hidden all over my yard. Even the dead remnants of last years garden can't completely obscure them.
  3. March Birthdays - My F-I-L, my cousin, and a friend or 2.
  4. Some days the weather will be warm enough to go out without a jacket. Sadly, some will not but it's still progress.
  5. More and more birds will return to the trees in my yard.
  6. Softball season will start for Stinkette
  7. Field hockey season will also start for Stinkette.
  8. Soon it'll be time to sign up for the pool again. True, that means writing out a check but still, isn't it reassuring to know that the pool's opening is just around the corner?
  9. The days will keep getting longer.
  10. By the end of March I will have reached the end of my second trimester. Yikes! I'm sure that by then I will be counting the days until the inhabitant is evicted.

Care to add to my list?

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Carole Knits said...

Great list and I think focusing on progress is the key to liking March. It starts out as full blown winter but it ends with the sure promise of spring. Hooray!