Mar 17, 2011

What the Wind has Wrought

I'm finally feeling pretty good and I may even have a wee bit more energy, just in time for the third trimester slow down. Sometimes that's just how it goes.

Anyway, I got home yesterday and for once I didn't feel totally exhausted so I grabbed my camera (which was recently cleaned and is perfect once again) and went out to survey the yard. I wanted to get an idea of what spring cleaning would entail so that I could make the appropriate arrangements with our outdoor guy.


It was really nice to get outside and I was a little surprised by what I found. Here was the scene by the basement stairs next to the deck. I guess that the hummingbird feeder blew off the deck in one of our wicked wind storms. The bottom, feeder part looks like it broke off so maybe we'll get a new one. The blue board was part of something else that suffered the same fate. In the picture below you can see the rest of that bird house. It was kind of cute before it got smashed.


I wish the wind had left these alone but neither item was terribly expensive or irreplaceable so it's all fine. I find that I kind of like the pictures of them in their destroyed state.

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Carole Knits said...

I like those pictures, too. I'm glad you are feeling better these days.