Mar 9, 2011

My First Finished Object of 2011!!!

Are you ready for something surprising? Look, it's actual knitting content! Not just any knitting either - it's a finished object. I may faint from the shock of it.

You'd think that with the ever-increasing amount of resting about the house that I'm doing that I'd be getting lot's of knitting done. In fact, a colleague at work commented on it just the other day. She was shocked when I told her that it had been months since I did any real knitting. Months! I'm kind of surprised too but I'm hopeful that as I slow down, my needles will speed up.


On to my first finished object of 2011. I know it's just a hat, but it's a very nice hat. The pattern is Turn A Square by the deservedly popular Jared Flood and it it perfect. Earlier in this bone-chillingly cold winter, my darling DQ asked for a close fitting hat to keep her warm when she was walking home from the bus. She didn't want anything fancy, just a hat that she could tuck her hair into so it didn't go flying about in the wind.

The pictures here only show her with her hair down but she did test the hat to make sure that she could tuck her hair in and pronounced it perfect. And would you look at how cool the decreases on it are? I just love the symmetry of the square.


Another reason why this project is a win - I used stash yarn. Woot! This was made of KP Merino Style in Storm and Tide Pool. It's so nice and soft. I'll have to find something really good to do with the considerable amount that I have left over because it would be a shame to waste it.


So with all the reasons why this project is wonderful let's not discuss the elephant in the room... the fact that I finished it after the worst of the winter was over. Yes, I finally finished my daughter's desperately needed hat just in time for spring! Not only that but I finished it a week after she bought a hat at the Capitals game.

Moving on... maybe now I can go make her matching mittens in time for the opening of the pool.


Carole Knits said...

The hat is beautiful and it will be worn next year because, you know, winter will come a round again. Unfortunately.

Cursing Mama said...

Nice Hat!
Here I thought your first project of the year would be something much smaller.