Jan 10, 2006

Celebration deferred

I had planned a celebratory post tonight about Lindsey's new fuscia sweater. Marilyn before school I even managed to do (most of) the seaming before she put it on her body today. She was already wearing a t-shirt but she couldn't wait to show it off. (this is after DH made comments last night about my enjoyment of the knitting being proportionately greater than my daughter's pleasure in wearing my creations. Clearly he was WRONG!!!) Unfortunately the sweater went to school looking great and came home damaged. I am totally ticked off. I have no idea how it got torn and no idea how to fix it.
I was planning on working on my brother's scarf tonight. I can't say any more about that because it's a secret. Another secret is the yarn that I ordered yesterday. I have been reading many blogs recently and was inspired by Cara at january one. I've never knit socks before - mostly because I despise DPN's but the Jaywalker socks look sooooooo tempting. (maybe I'll join the KAL too - another first) I made the mistake of looking at the Blue Moon site and I had to have some Socks That Rock. You understand - no?
Marilyn after school Well, my Socks That Rock hasn't arrived yet so I have plenty of time to repair the damage done to Simply Marilyn. Thankfully I have plenty of yarn left to do the mending.

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