Jan 18, 2006

A Library Emergency?

My obsession is knitting but I have no real talent so I manage a group of law libraries to finance my habit (and feed my family). I actually love being a law librarian and feel lucky to have found a profession that I enjoy that actually pays well. Go me! It's kind of funny since all of my undergrad education was in fine art. That relates to law librarianship how? Exactly!

Anyway, I just returned from a day in beautiful New Jersey. I say that with a touch of sarcasm because, owing to my Long Island upbringing, a poor view of the garden state is more-or-less a given. Aside from Six Flags, what does it really have to offer? Many people have tried to enlighten me but I'm rather stubborn on this. At least I admit it. I will say that the part of NJ that I visited today was rather pastoral and kind of charming and didn't have any discernable odor.

But I digress... I was I New Jersey to see the condition of a collection that we moved from New York City. I got Starbucks spilled in my lap on the plane ride up by someone who elected to recline her seat into my lap. (How rude! I couldn't even hold a book in front of me.) Then I got to the office and found that they ignored the carefully laid out shelving plan in it's entirety which will necessitate a total revision of the plan and another trip up to supervise the installation according to the new plan. Argh!!!

Well, I'm gonna go crash now. I need a little knit therapy. Perhaps a member of my household will be kind enough to massage my aching feet. (hint, hint) Ruby Slippers, part of my new stash of Socks That Rock, was calling my name so I rolled it into a ball last night. Maybe tonight I can start my first Jaywalker. That would certainly make me feel a lot better - especially if someone rubbed my feet while I did it. Hmmmm.....

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Cara said...

My absolute favorite class in library school was legal research. I did actually have a job in the library of a law firm (doing their web stuff) but I quit after one day. Long story.