Jan 4, 2006

Like a plastic covered sofa.

If you're from Long Island then you'll know what I mean. Everyone on "the Island" (is there really more than one) knows someone with a livingroom that is roped off with perfect vacuum marks in the carpet. It's perfectly furnished even if the rest of the house is full of old, mismatched furniture and the couch is, you guessed it, slipcovered in plastic so that it should never be contaminated by a human touch.

I love to knit for my girls (I have 2). They're much smaller than I am so I can finish stuff for them much quicker than I can for me. That doesn't mean that it always goes the way that I plan.

Don't you love the sweater. It's perfect for a 6 year old girl. Right? Well, as it turns out, not so much. My daughter is afraid to wear it. I kid you not. She wore it once, just off the needles and got chocolate on it immediately. I washed it and it came out just fine but now she's afraid to wear it. She told hubby that the beads might break. So it sits on a shelf in her closet. It looks great, feels nice and soft, and fits well but still it sits.

Wait 'till we go on our next overnight trip and it's the only top in her suitcase.

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micah said...

Yeah, sure! That'll show her, won't it?  Interesting choice of colors…