Jan 31, 2006

Flame on!

Flames seemed to be the theme of the day on Sunday. This is Stinkerbelle in her new hat. No, I didn't make it. We bought it at the stupidmarket. It was on a display near the registers and she put it on her head and started mugging for her public. I can't describe it except to say that she pronounced the hat "gangster" and did her rapper thing with it pulled down over her eyes. When she told the cashier "word to your mother" I though that ALL the cashier's were going to bust a gut laughing. A few of them needed prompting by the customers to please go back to ringing the orders. Do you understand why I had to buy it?

Anyway, It was great inspiration for our Kool Aid dyeing experiment. You can see it here before we put it in the microwave. What you can't see is that the pan didn't fit in the microwave so I had to transfer it to another one. Duh!

Here is the finished product. I took this one this morning before I left for work. As I said before I'm terribly impatient. It's nearly dry and ought to be bone dry by the time I get home tonight. I think that the colors came out well. If they stay like this it'll be grand. Yesterday I saw a few other posts about Kool Aid dyeing and now I think that I ought to have used more. This is the result of 1 Orange, 2 Tropical Punch and 1 Black Cherry.
I think it looks Sizzling indeed!

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