Jan 2, 2006

New Year - new yarn

I know, I know - it's terribly corny isn't it. It is accurate though. I went to the LYS for their annual birthday sale and as expected, I bought more than I ought to. The colors and the textures were just irresistable. Here's what I got:

I got some Manos wool in a variegated and a solid plum, Noro Kureyon in a very warm mix, Noro Silk Garden in variegated blues and purples, one skein of soy silk to play with and Manos Cotton Stria in aqua and purple. I guess I was just drawn to the cool colors today. I have no definite ideas about what to do with any of it but it was all too wonderful not to buy and it was on sale. Who can resist yarn on sale? Not me.

I'm nearly finished with the sweater that I'm making for my daughter. More about that tomorrow.

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micah said...

Hey! Nice job, lady!